Discover The Secrets That Will Turn You From A ‘Dime-A-Dozen’ Guitarist To An ‘One In A Million’

Guitar players spend 95% of a song playing rhythm, yet very few can do more than strum along using basic chords.

Does that sound like you?

Playing just basic chords can, and will, get boring rather quickly. Not just for you, as a guitarist, but to your audience as well. Let’s face it, it’s a competitive world out there, and just getting by on basic strumming won’t get you very far.

“Chord Phrasing” Is The Only Guitar Course Teaching All Of These “Lost” Rhythm Techniques

My course will show you how to take any chord progression and turn it into your own form of personal expression (Not just the same old up, down, up, down strumming)¬†. With Chord Phrasing you’ll take the chords of a song, plus notes associated with these chords, and create your own phrases. That’s why I call it “Chord Phrasing”.

With Chord Phrasing¬†you’ll discover a wider musical vocabulary at your fingertips that can greatly enhance, not only your playing, but your appreciation of music. It truly adds more dimension to the guitar.

With my Chord Phrasing course you’ll learn about:

  • “built in” scale patterns to spice up any open chords
  • how to utilize connecting chords
  • adding chord alterations and extensions on the fly
  • using rhythm fills when the time is right
  • playing chord inversions
  • 10 patterns that add flavor to barre chords
  • using suspended chords to add dissonance and resolution
  • how to add ‘outside’ notes and have it sound right
  • using diminished chords properly
  • improvising complex rhythm parts
  • add moving bass parts to your progressions
  • how to create your own unique chord voicings
  • using open strings to add the ‘wow’ factor

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